Matchmaking Event

Source: VNU Exhibitions Asia
Publish Date: 01/01/2023

 For Professional Buyers
Matchmaking Meetings on demand 

Are you looking for a specific product? 

Do you have a particular purchase request? 

Are you looking for one or more suppliers in a specific country?

We can help you reach your prospective supplier(s)!

In 2023, the Chinese borders have been definitively re-opened, and R+T Asia show will host again professionals
from abroad, who will find themselves in the new reality. 

To support foreign buyers after three years of physical separation from Asian companies, and to optimize their

time spent at the fair, our team is ready to identify the appropriate suppliers and pre-arrange the meetings
to be held during the days of the show.

In some cases our direct communication with exhibitors could be essential, considering meetings with exhibitors
who do not display their complete offer during the fair.

If you want to get our support which is totally free, please apply here to inform us about your purchase request.

Please note, that your contact remains confidential as we do not share it with the exhibitors we are reaching 
for our matchmaking programme.



  1. The offer is reserved for professional buyers of medium and large companies.

  2. The buyer who apply is a senior-level decision-maker with international purchasing responsibility, who purchases for products/systems from sun shading and door/gate industries

  3. Register by clicking on the link below and provide us with detailed information on the products / suppliers you are looking for.

  4. We will contact you to reconfirm the products and suppliers you are interested in, and to find out more about the nature of your business.

  5. We will identify possible suppliers who may provide the products / services you are looking for and double confirm their offer with them.

  6. Upon mutual agreement, we will arrange a specific date and time for the meeting during the show days.

  7. Before the show you will receive the meeting schedule.

  8. For selected buyers we will offer a VIP badge with free access to the VIP room and invitations to on-site programs.



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